Market Report of Turmeric Fresh Root Essential Oil

Market Report of Turmeric Fresh Root Oil

Market Report of Turmeric Fresh Root Oil (Curcuma longa)(2023/024)

Turmeric Fresh root is found abundantly in Nepal. Turmeric is mostly used by pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industries as it is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-allergic qualities. Nepalese household use turmeric to treat sprains, swelling as well as allergies. Turmeric Fresh Root are harvested annually for their rhizomes, and some of those rhizomes are reseeded the following season. The new lot production of Turmeric root oil has recently been completed.

We believe in the purity and originality of the products that we produce. While most of companies use turmeric powder to extract the essential oil, we use fresh turmeric roots to extract the purest form of oil by storing the essence of the herb. Usually, the oil distilled from turmeric powder may have a high oil yield but its freshness is questionable and it smells stale. Moreover, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers are compelled to add other elements to suppress the smell of staleness. Using fresh turmeric roots doesn’t invite this problem.
The specialty of our Turmeric fresh root essential oils from Annapurna Aroma are as follows:
High level of ar-Turmerone(25-26%), alpha-Turmerone(20-31%) and beta-Turmerone(12-13%).
Fruity fragrance and freshness

Our main cultivating site is between Sarlahi and Rautahat . The Bagmati river between Sarlahi and Rautahat is flooded annually during monsoon, which ruins all the crops. In the past, farmers in the region used to grow wheat and sell them in appropriate prices. But the annual flood used to destroy most of the crops leaving farmers with only one-third of their production in good condition. The destruction would cost farmers their daily living expenses.

The flooding had made the life of farmers miserable as their only source of income was unstable due to the disaster. They started cultivating turmeric root replacing the wheat cultivation. As turmeric grows underground, they are not ruined by the annual flood. The introduction of turmeric cultivation in the region has stabled the income of the farmers and improved their lifestyle. They are more confident about the crops that they grow in the region and do not have to worry about their hardwork being eradicated due to the flooding.

Before the introduction of essentials in the region, the farmers used to export turmeric roots to India at low prices. After establishing the distillation plant at Rautahat, farmers have found an easier way to sell the turmeric without going through the extensive process of boiling the root and exporting. This way their cost becomes lower and their profit margin increases. We have seen significant changes in the economic lifestyle of the farmers there.

Seeing them grow economically inspired us to contribute something more. So we organized a program called “Building Dreams” in collaboration with NGO called Sambriddhi Foundation. Building dreams inspired women from Rautahat to create a vision board illustrating the things that they want to achieve in their future. Through the program, we found that some wanted to engage in animal farming, some wanted to be involved in agriculture, and so on. Some of them even started their own business by identifying their potential through this programs. The program was focused on guiding women to achieve more than their household chores. We look forward to hosting similar events in the future and empowering more women in rural areas of Nepal.

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