Our History

Although it seems that Annapurna aroma has no very long history, but it is only a myopic view to see our history. Annapurna aroma was established totally based on Innovative next generation concept but truly it has a very long history in the same field before it had newly borned. The major shift toward the new development is due to the research in the same field by our Chief Research scientist Dr. Prabodh Satyal, pursuing a Ph.D in Chemistry, who has done adequate research in medicinal and therapeutic activity of plant species from Nepal. This research led him to the exploration of Essential Oil bearing plants and their bio-activities. During the last two year he led a team of 30 university students in Nepal and the United States in collecting and analyzing volatile oils from more than 150 different species of Himalayan plants. After performing oil analysis using Gas Chromatogram coupled with Mass spectrometry, a detail list of oil components were gathered and subsequent biological assays were performed. As a result of this research, it became clear that the Himalayan range of Nepal had enormous potential for production of highly precious aroma-therapeutics which could supply the ever-increasing global demands for essential oils. Consequently, Annapurna Aroma Pvt. Ltd. was born in 2012 with the sole intent of providing lab tested quality aroma-therapeutic oils with established scientific research to the global market.


Our history actually has a linkage with our honorable Parent Mr. Prakash satyal, who did his job in a chemical company 40 years before. After his long experience in that field, he thought a concept of natural oil and did his work on the dual field and then he gave more emphasis towards the natural aromatic oil than artificial synthetic chemicals.