Human Capital

546558_102813119869607_1433401392_nPrasun Satyal, MBS (Managing Director)

Prasun Satyal,MBS (Managing Director)Mr. Prasun Satyal will perform day to day duties in managing the financial and logistical operation in Nepal as well as ensuring quality production and extraction of essential oil. He is an asset to our company as experienced business personnel with his numerous small scale involvements in Nepal commerce.










1Prabodh Satyal, M.Sc (Scientific Advisor)

Mr. Satyal is the scientific advisor of Annapurna Aroma Pvt. Ltd. which he conceived during his research into the essential oil of Nepal for his Ph.D thesis. He has established international collaboration between researchers in Nepal, China and the United States allowing for the study of more than 150 aromatic plants. His main goal is to produce and provide quality essential oils needed for various usage including but not limited to: aroma-therapeutics, flavor and fragrance production, insecticide and pesticides.




Prajwal Paudel, B.S, B.S.E (Founder/Chief Engineer)

Mr. Paudel is currently finishing a B.S in Chemistry and B.S.E in Chemical Engineering from University of Alabama-Huntsville. He played an integral role in the founding of Annapurna Aroma and will serve to assist Mr. Satyal in planning future endeavors. As the chief engineer he will be designing and maintaining a distillation plant to automatize and maximize extraction of essential oil. With his insight and understanding into the engineering and scientific aspect of essential oil production, an efficient and high quality products will be produced and distributed.


Lekhanath Paudel, PhD (Chief Agriculture Advisor)

Dr. Paudel is currently a faculty member of the Department of Co-operative Extension at Delaware State University with specialization in Farm Management and Risk Management. He has a PhD in Plant and Soil science and a Master in Agribusiness from Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University. He has also served as an extension officer under the Ministry of Agriculture in Nepal as well as a lecturer in Rampur College. From his long experience in agriculture and particularly farming practices in Nepal, he will provide a great in-depth knowledge into farming technologies and act as a liaison between farming and essential oil extractions.


Nawraj Karki, M.Sc (Chemist)

Mr Karki has recently(2015) done master degree in chemistry from Trivuwan University and is also the chemist of the company. Where he has been assisted by Dr. Prabodh Satyal who is the scientific advisor of company. His main role is to control the quality of product, provide the feedback of essential oil Which plays a pivotal role to increase the quality and mostly help in the research analysis activities.